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INTELLISELL is the eCommerce solution made for Sage users. Built from the ground up with Sage in mind, INTELLISELL fully integrates with Sage 200 Standard and Professional, Sage X3 and Sage 1000. Whether you’re a Business to Business (B2B) or a Business to Consumer (B2C) organisation, this powerful, cost effective solution makes it easy for your customers to trade with you online at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Designed specifically to meet the current and future needs of your most demanding customer, INTELLISELL will help increase your sales and deliver a rounded customer experience. Whether you’re new to trading online or you want to develop your current eCommerce strategy, we have various packages available and will work with you to select the best option to maximise your online investment. Our INTELLISELL team will get your eCommerce site working hard for you.

In addition to our Popular eCommerce package which has all of the elements to launch your eCommerce project, INTELLISELL offers a range of products depending on your requirements and in-house capabilities. We have supplementary options that can provide you with even more. The Super package gives you additional functionality together with increased support and training, whist the Ultimate package provides you with a bespoke eCommerce experience. And if you’re looking to create bespoke reports or need in-depth sales analysis, the Boost package will give you that added extra when you’re implementing INTELLISELL.

Do you have your own front-end development team? INTELLISELL offers an integration-only solution bridging the gap between your existing eCommerce investment and your Sage solution.

Choose from the following powerful solutions



INTELLISELL SUPER is an all-encompassing option designed to give you even more. With B2C capability, greater scope to build out your generic content pages, extended reports and additional on boarding support SUPER maximises your INTELLISELL investment. You get all of the great functionality contained within the POPULAR platform, but with additional assistance across training and support.

There’s some work to be done to get you ready for eCommerce and hence there’s a one off on-boarding cost to cover the development of your website, set up of your hosting environment, integration with your Sage system and the management of your successful implementation.

Pay Monthly


Per month
Fixed price monthly cost covers the ongoing  access, hosting and support of your dedicated site. With a one-off onboarding fee, you’re all set.

Extended reports and additional onboarding support

Great functionality contained within the standard platform, but with increased support across training and support



 If you are looking for a bespoke experience INTELLISELL ULTIMATE gives you access to the team of highly skilled developers to build your eCommerce vision. Bespoke development isn’t for the faint hearted and requires planning and control. We can work with you to create a unique eCommerce experience for your business and support your rollout and go live.

The one off onboarding cost and ongoing support and development will be dependent on your specific requirements. Call one of our INTELLISELL experts today to begin planning your new eCommerce website.

Build your bespoke eCommerce vision with our Ultimate package

Create a unique eCommerce experience for your business



BOOST is designed for organisations looking for additional support or an added extra when implementing INTELLISELL eCommerce. Whether you’re looking for additional training, more help with your sales analysis via bespoke reporting or you want to extend the functionality in a particular area, we can help you get the most from your website. Our INTELLISELL experts can work with you to extend functionality and create bespoke reports or training.

A Sage specialist, INTELLISELL also offers a Integration-only solution to bridge the gap between existing eCommerce investments and your Sage solution.

The cost of hosting and the ongoing support of your eCommerce website is dependent upon your particular requirements. Contact one of our INTELLISELL experts today to tell us more about what you need and we can provide a quote.

Additional support, an added extra…look no further

Helping to extend functionality and create bespoke reports or training


Develop and manage

one-off fee


As the name suggests there is some work to be done to get you ready for eCommerce. Our one off on-boarding cost covers the development of your website, set up of your hosting environment, integration with your Sage system and the successful management of your implementation.

Account Management

Two heads are better than one. With a dedicated account manager, you’ll have access to a member of the INTELLISELL team when you need them most. Your account manager is there as the first point of contact for all general enquiries but it primarily focussed on making sure you maximise your usage of the site and hit your objectives. If you’d like to launch a new product into a new territory, if you want to begin to create more opportunity through cross sell or upsell or you have a new corporate brand, your account manager will work with you to understand your new objectives and suggest a course of action to make sure that INTELLISELL continues to deliver.


Here at INTELLISELL we believe that how you learn is as important as what you learn. Everyone learns differently and at a different pace, which is why we offer a training package that is flexible to you. You’ll get access to great online resources as well as structured one to many formal classroom sessions around key functionality or topics. These online workshops are flexible, scheduled to suit your needs, easy to arrange, recorded and designed to give you and your team the tools to navigate and edit your new website.

But we also recognise that you may have more questions as you begin to stretch the legs of the website. Online resources can offer further guidance 24/7, but if you’re looking for a more hands on, face to face approach we can create a tailored training programme to your needs with practical help on the live website.


Care when you need it most, included in the price. Included in your monthly fee is access to our support services. Online and via the phone and webchat, our friendly experts Monday to Friday 8am until 6pm. The team of experts are here to help with any software or hosting related issue and can point you in the right direction for the resources you may need for additional training. Backed by a wider Sage support application and technical team from a leading Sage Business Partner, INTELLISELL support services can offer you and your team a great all-round experience.



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