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Scolmore experience considerable success with Intellisell within three months

Scolmore needed a web-solution that could handle its range of products and pricing structures without having to look to a costly bespoke website. The company has long relied upon printed product catalogues to promote its numerous ranges. “We wanted a website that would work in conjunction with our product literature – it didn’t need to be heavily designed, but it did need to be robust enough to handle our e-product range. We wanted our customers to be able to place orders with us whenever it best suited them enabling them to manage their time effectively.” 

Steve Taylor, General Manager of Scolmore International comments, “The company traditionally received orders via the telephone or fax and we were unsure how the implementation of this service would affect our customers’ current ordering system. However, after canvassing opinion from some of our longstanding customers I felt that it was worth pursuing.” The Intellisell solution delivered true business to business web sales that had total integration with Scolmore’s Sage 1000 business software. Scolmore decided to take a simple grid view of products to ensure customers experienced easy order entry. After training its sales staff on Intellisell and launching it to its client base Scolmore began to see a steady uptake in usage of the website.

Clients began to see the benefits of 24/7 access and found it a fast, efficient route to place orders with the company. Within three months Scolmore was experiencing considerable success; sales revenue through the site went from 8% to 44% in that same period. “All of the initial scepticism over whether or not our customers would benefit from Intellisell disappeared and we quickly saw benefits. We already run a very efficient organisation, but this has enabled us to maximise our sales and reduce the overheads normally associated with order taking and order entry. What’s more, we are delivering a far better service to our clients.” Steve Taylor, General Manager, Scolmore International.